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Saturday, October 26
11:00 am-3:00 pm

Thank you for volunteering at Ridgefest! Below is all of the helpful information you might need to know as we get closer to the event.


What is the plan for lunch during my volunteer shift?

Lunch will be available to you before or after your shift. Please plan on arriving early (or staying late) so that you can enjoy a free volunteer lunch in the Lighthouse.

Where do I find more information about the serving role I signed up for?

We recorded our all-volunteer training night at the link below. If you have any other questions about your role after reviewing the video, please don’t hesitate email with your questions.

Do I have to park in the designated volunteer parking lot?

We are asking all volunteers to park in the designated volunteer parking lot except for any volunteer with mobility issues or anyone parking an outdoor trunk at ARC. We recommend arriving to the Volunteer Shuttle 1 hour before your shift to ensure you have enough time to park, transfer to AR, check-in, and get a volunteer lunch.

Can my kids serve?

Yes! We welcome kids of all ages to serve. If your kids are younger than 4, please bring them with you (but don’t sign them up for a separate registration spot). If your kids are 4-12 years old, an adult needs to serve with them. Teens are able to serve independently of their parents, as you feel comfortable.

Where should we serve with little kids?

We have plenty of places for you to serve as a family with young kids. Handing out ice cream, serving at the Bubble station, being a yard game host, helping with carnival games, greeting guests, or helping keep AR clean during the event are all great options for families with little kids.

When I arrive at ARC, where do I check in?

The shuttle will drop you off at ARC. We then ask all volunteers to check in at Volunteer Central in LC100, next to the gym.

What happens
if it rains?

Our Volunteer Leadership Team has created a backup plan for inclement weather. If it looks like it will rain or snow, we will communicate with you via email, updates on our website, and social media.

Are background checks required
to serve?

Yes, background checks are required to serve as a volunteer at Ridgefest, and they need to be submitted by Wednesday, Oct. 25th. We are doing all that we can to ensure the community who will be attending the event experience a fun and safe environment.

Do I need to wear a costume?

We would love it if our volunteers wore costumes (especially those who are serving by hosting an indoor or outdoor trunk). But it is not required to serve.




The setup team will come and get everything going before Ridgfest begins!



Shift 1 for all volunteer teams arrives and begins to serve. 



Shift 2 for all volunteer teams arrives and begins to serve. 



The Teardown team gets everything undone and ready for Sunday!



Please park at the designated volunteer parking lot if you are volunteering for any role at Ridgefest. We encourage you to arrive at the parking lot with plenty of time to get to ARC, check-in, and find your team. At minimum, arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to your shift. Volunteers will then be shuttled to ARC.


Volunteers will be shuttled to Autumn Ridge Church.

  • Shuttles will run all day from 8am-5:30pm to accommodate for every shift of volunteers (including setup & teardown) at Ridgefest

  • Plan on allowing for plenty of time to park at the volunteer parking lot, shuttle to Autumn Ridge, check-in, and find your volunteer location (we recommend arriving to the shuttle 1 hour before your shift begins, especially if you are Shift #2 and you plan on getting lunch before your shift starts)




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